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Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:44 pm
by Floyd
Tripwire and Anti-matter Games are about to release their version of a Vietnam FPS.

Pre-ordering now gives you a few perks. Namely participation in the last Beta before release. There are also a few cosmetic perks (helmets/hats) that you get. I don't recall off the top of my head if they are level ups or what. I haven't played much since they added CoD style level ups, but I guess today's player needs to feel like they're "special" and "earn" stuff to enjoy playing a game. :roll:

Anyhow, from the video I've seen, it looks pretty good. One youtube guy that I watched was all about the Rambo. So I guess that is an option in this game. I sincerely hope its a game of strategy and team work and pointless to play otherwise. But we'll see.

Will get you to the pre-order page.

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 5:58 pm
by Slasher
Floyd wrote: I sincerely hope its a game of strategy and team work and pointless to play otherwise. But we'll see..

Thanks for the heads up Floyd and I couldn't agree more with that statement.

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 2:51 pm
by Floyd
I played for about an hour last night.

I haven't played any of the RO series much since Ostfront. I did play RO2 and Rising Storm for a bit, but moved on, so I was pretty damn rusty. OK, ALOT rusty. Remember the 'learning curve' you had for Ostfront? Take that learning curve and multiply by 10 and you get RO:Vietnam. :o

Actually, its not that bad if you played RO2. My problem is that I've been playing so much Arma that the default RO keybinds keep messing me up. I haven't played around with the settings enough to know if there is any free look in the game. I did see an option for free look when in iron sights, but I'm not sure how that works. Like I said, its been a long time and I've gotten so used to Arma's keys and character interaction that I spent a lot of time crouching, un-crouching, fixing bayonets, un-fixing bayonets, going prone, etc. when all I was trying to do was sprint across the battlefield. :oops: I was shot in the head more times than I can remember. Shades of RO:Ostfront.... spawn, run, die, ad nauseam.

The two maps I played on looked phenomenal. The computer I was playing on is has an Intel i5 2500K mildly overclocked and an nVidia 970 gpu. So while pretty stout, its definitely not the latest and greatest. I didn't notice any fps drop, server lag, or anything other than smooth gameplay. The server I was on was full with 64 people on it. Tripwire may have gotten this thing right. (It was a TWI "official" server so the hardware may have been exceptional. I'm fairly certain it was an NFO server out of Dallas.)

Several gametypes, of which I know virtually nothing about. I'll have to research that. It has VOIP for team and squad communication. I must say, for the little time I was on, I was impressed with the level of maturity of the players. It was all business in the chat. I wish I knew the gametype and maps better so I could have been more helpful to the cause. I was guilty of at least two team kills. Even with icons on friendlies, its gonna take some time to get used to the uniforms.

And yes, for the kiddos, there are perks. Most are cosmetic, some open up weapons options (like RO2/Rising Storm). In fact, saw one (had to be a kid) type, "So, all I get for perks is uniforms upgrades? wtf is that?" I'd have laughed if it weren't so true of today's player. Sad really.

If you're still into fps shooters or if you like the era, I say its worth the money. Virtually 1/2 price of a Battlefield or CoD game and comes with three different game types. I say go for it.

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 9:44 pm
by Slasher
Thanks for the write-up Floyd.

I got to play for about an hour last weekend with Jr. We had a lot of fun but you are completely correct about telling the teams apart. It reminded me of RO when I first started playing. I was not as lucky with VOIP. Everyone was too busy running their mouths to get any type of team play going. Made me want to mute most of them...

The maps did look great and ran really well on my system, I do have a pretty descent system though.

Jr. played earlier today and said he got on a team that had a great squad leader. He said that they all played together as a team and he had a lot of fun. I hoping I get to get some play time in this weekend. Between PUBG and work last weekend I haven't had a lot of time on this yet.

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 4:03 pm
by Floyd
I really need to play the game to see what (if anything) needs to be tweaked, but I went ahead and took the plunge and put up two servers.

One is a 16 man skirmish only server. Really pretty fun right now. I'm sure soon enough it will take some doing to learn how to beat the "pros" that know the check points. This one stays pretty full.

The other is a 64 man Territory and Supremacy server. Its been staying full as well.

Country Joe's - We're all gonna die - Skirmish (16 player)
Country Joe's - We're all gonna die - TE/Supremacy (64 player)

If they get the member thing worked out, I think I can work it where those that are listed as members can get in even when the server is full. The problem in the past with members joining has been two fold. First, the number of members would reduced the number of players that could join. ie if it were a 64 man server and you had 10 members, the server would only allow 54 non-members to play and show as 54/64 even though there were still 10 slots open. When they fixed that then second, it seemed as though the best player on a given team was kicked. Right now I don't think anyone gets kicked and the member can't join.

Anyway, I'll have to put Arma2 Epoch and iRacing aside for a while... :evil:

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 8:41 pm
by Slasher
Thanks for putting these up Floyd. I didn't get a lot of time to play but what time I did play I had a lot of fun. It seemed more like RO then RO2 did. It's nice to see that they are putting larger maps out at launch as opposed to the run and gun maps that RO2 had when it first came out. RO2 seemed to be more like a CoD or Battlefield and this seems to be more "tactical", needing more team play and less run around shooting.

The skirmish seems more geared to the run and gun crowd but the TE/Supremacy maps had more of a RO feel to them. Take your time, use cover and things like that. I really hope they get this right.

Thanks again Floyd.

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 10:12 am
by Floyd
Its interesting that you say "larger" maps. There are complaints in the forums about how small the maps are. You can please some of the people some of the time........

I've also seen people complain about performance issues. I noticed virtually no issues what so ever. I do recall hearing some complain in-game about it. While my machine is not a slouch, its also not the latest and greatest. Its interesting that aside from one player who obviously did not have enough cpu or clockspeed (I think it was 2.0gHz), most of those complaining were running i7's and NVidia 1070/1080 cards. I just have a Sandy Bridge i5 2500k and an NVidia 970. I don't think I saw my fps drop below 50 ever. I would imagine my iRacing machine with a Skylake i600K and an nVidia 980ti would do better. To me, it just goes to illustrate how software lags the hardware. Buying top of the line today, really only ensures great performance in the years to come. No need to buy the latest and greatest. Wait and let the price drop 'cause its gonna be a while before the software catches up (cpu clockspeed excepted). There are very few games (especially fps's) that are multi-threaded. So if your not streaming, having all those cores and threads just really isn't going to help a whole lot.

Re: Rising Storm 2 :Vietnam on Steam Pre-Sale

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:51 am
by Glassock
Larger maps? That's news to me too. I thought the maps were rather small. But you're right, Floyd. You can't please everyone. And you shouldn't even try. The games usually turn out pretty bad when devs try to do that.