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Space Engineers Soular Glow Setup and Settings

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Space Engineers Soular Glow Setup and Settings

Postby B_Man » Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:45 pm

1. Set your asteroid density first. It can corrupt server if you try to change later. However, you can try and change it later by deleting ALL asteroids first then making the change. I currently am using a density of .1 which may be too much. Had a problem with planets rendering after fucking with this setting.

2. Turn off "research" which is the progression tree.

3. Make sure your name is good because you cant change the name of the server without rebuilding...i.e. "Soular GLow".

4. Planets not rendering? Try disabling Client Join Tweaks in Torch Essentials.

5. !profile grids
!profile mods
!profile session and !profile blocks

6. You can force steam update validation check by clearing the steam cache, just delete the \steamapps\ folder from the root of your server to clear the steam cache before update.

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